Advocacy projects - Guarantee for ALL Youth

Implementation period: 10.2. 2014. - 10.8.2015.
Total value of the project: € 119.763,39
EU share in the project funding: € 99.990,45
Project holder: Croatian Youth Network
Partners: Youth Center Zaprešić, Austrian National Youth Council, SOS Children's Village Croatia, NGO Igra

"Guarantee for ALL Youth" is a project based on many years of working with young people in alternative care, as well as on the in-depth analysis of the current socioeconomic position of all young people in Croatia, especially those who come from alternative care, as a group at increased risk of social exclusion. Namely, although their public declarations suggest that decision makers expect a lot from the implementation of the Youth Guarantee, a EU instrument developed to guarantee that every young person gets a good-quality offer of continued education, training, apprenticeship or job within 4 months of becoming unemployed or inactive, the outcomes are difficult to predict at the moment, especially when we talk about particularly vulnerable groups, such as young people in alternative care.

This is why the project holder Croatian Youth Network and its partners SOS Children's Village Croatia, Youth Center Zaprešić, NGO Igra and Austrian National Youth Council decided to carry out a project that will monitor and evaluate the implementation of the Youth Guarantee measures from the perspective of young people in alternative care.

The project has the following goals:

  • developing an efficient way of monitoring the Youth Guarantee implementation, with special emphasis on young people in alternative care
  • building the capacity of project partners from Croatia to actively monitor and advocate public policies for young people in alternative care, particularly in the area of implementing the Youth Guarantee
  • drafting sustainable recommendations for the inclusion of young people from alternative care in successful implementation of the Youth Guarantee and presenting them to decision makers

In addition to reaching the above goals, project partners also want to contribute to raising the level of social inclusion of young people from the social care, especially those included in the Youth Guarantee measures. Through carefully designed activities, mostly focused on research and advocacy, but also on building the capacity of organizations to engage in good-quality advocacy work, partners want to improve the quality of life for almost 4000 young people in alternative care.

Project activities

The project includes the production of a shadow report that will be presented at a round table in Zagreb together with an analysis of international good practices in the Youth Guarantee implementation (with special emphasis on young people in alternative care). We will organize a 2-day international workshop to share the experiences in this area and publish a booklet that will contain the most important conclusions and recommendations from the report, as well as the analysis of the international practices in the Youth Guarantee implementation. The key conclusions and recommendations will be presented and discussed at a minimum of four sessions of expert and advisory bodies in charge of youth and youth employment issues, and at a final conference where all the results and outcomes of the project will be presented.

For more information please contact: Krešimir Makvić, Child Rights Advocate,
European union
"Investing in future"
This project is co-funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund. Croatian Youth Network and project partners (co-applicants) bear sole responsibility for the content of this broadcast.


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