Advocacy projects - Leaving care

AdvocacyLeaving Care is a 3-year (September 2009 – September 2012) project run by the National Association SOS Children’s Village Croatia that tackles issues relevant for young people who are in the process of leaving SOS care. As it is advocacy project, we run it in cooperation with our partner Forum for Quality Foster Care, ensuring that young people in all forms of out-of-home care understand what rights they have after they leave care to begin living on their own.

The overall goal of the project is to ensure that young people leaving care receive appropriate after care support so that they are adequately prepared for independent life.

This general goal will be realized through following objectives:

Objective 1 – Decision makers, stakeholders and general public will receive adequate information in order to develop a positive attitude towards changes in policies and practices related to recognized leaving care issues.

Expected results:

  • Information on the status of leaving care in Croatia will be gathered.
  • Information will be processed and published in forms tailored to the needs of specific target audiences.

Objective 2 – National legislation and practice of Leaving Care in Croatia will be improved based on the experiences of different care providers.

Expected results:

  • Information will be shared among stakeholders and decision makers in the country
  • LC service providers will form a platform for promotion of LC issues and lobbying for changes in politics and practice
  • Q4C standards will be distributed and taken into account in the improvement of LC laws and practices

Objective 3 – Young people with care experiences in Croatia will participate in the debate around leaving care

Expected results:

  • Young people with care experiences in Croatia will form a network
  • Young people in the network will provide recommendations for the improvement of the LC practices
  • Young people will participate in planning, implementation and evaluation of LC projects
  • Young people from Croatia will participate in the international debate on LC

The main values of the project lie in our work in partnership with governmental and non-governmental organizations and in the active and direct participation of young people leaving care, not only in SOS CV Croatia, but also in other forms of out-of-home care.v

Main target group of the project are young people without appropriate parental care placed with different care providers. However, caregivers and care providing organizations are another important target of our project. In order achieve the expected changes, we target all the relevant decision makers, governmental and non-governmental, at the national, regional and local level.


Monday, 03.02.2020

SOS representatives – always with a smile

This week, you can meet the SOS representatives on locations in Zagreb, Zaprešić, Split and Osijek!

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Thursday, 30.01.2020

The hiking season continues

Hikers from the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci and their friends from the Zanatlija Hiking Society in Osijek went hiking through beautiful winter countryside! They also took a course in first aid.

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Monday, 27.01.2020

More than HRK 47.000 donated through the Keks Pay app

Thank you to everyone who donated to contribute to a better childhood of children in the SOS Children's Village! You can also use the app to continue donating in the future. The app is available to everyone, regardless of which bank they normally use

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