Published: Monday, 25.05.2020

SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci celebrates its 23rd anniversary

At first it seemed that this anniversary would take place not only without friends, but also without a celebration. But then Lada and Miro, CV residents who always participate in special events, had a great idea…

 When 25 May came, Lada and Miro were quite sad at first. It seemed that this anniversary would take place not only without friends, but also without a celebration. But then they had a great idea: “Since our friends can’t come to us, we will go to them.” They set off on the tour of the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci – and thus began the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci 23rd anniversary celebration!

Numerous events in 2020 had to be cancelled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past few months, children and grown-ups in Children's Village Ladimirevci responsibly followed all the new rules required to stay healthy. Although many of the COVID-19 prevention measures in the country have been loosened, our Children's Village still maintains a high level of protection. Given the large number of children in our care, we have to remain responsible.

This is the spirit in which we approached the celebration of our 23rd anniversary. We did not invite any of our friends and guests, but we mustered all of our joy and creativity to maintain the positive outlook and celebrate togetherness that was the founding principle of our life during the past ten weeks.
From the early morning, all the yards in the Village were decorated with colourful balloons and ribbons. Children eagerly awaited the start of various activities we prepared with their help, taking into account the epidemiological measures. After a long break, the Village rang with laughter again. Anyone who shared their joy with others was a winner on this day.

We had a picnic on the grass and a joint lunch. Afterwards Lada and Miro cut the birthday cake, donated, as always, by Dr. Oetker. There were also cakes for all of our SOS families.

The director of SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci Zoran Relić thanked the children, SOS mothers, SOS aunts, educators and all other co-workers for their responsible behaviour and togetherness which helped us keep COVID-19 away from the Children's Village Ladimirevci. Children received diplomas, and grown-ups received thank-you notes to remember this peculiar time, but also to keep us on our toes until the situation with COVID-19 is resolved fully.
As a an especially poignant detail of our 23rd anniversary celebration, we would like to mention a picture that everyone – children, young people and adults – made together. Each person had one puzzle piece that they could paint in any way they wanted and sign it with their name. Once all the puzzle pieces were assembled, a colourful, powerful picture emerged. It will always remind us of fighting the COVID-19 together and it will motivate us to tackle all our difficulties through mutual understanding, collaboration and well-coordinated, joint action.

As for you, dear friends, please know that you were with us in our thoughts as we celebrated our anniversary. Thank you for your help and support. We wish you good health and success in everything you do. Until we meet again, please accept our best regards.


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