Published: Friday, 27.08.2010

Croatian water polo and INA for the SOS Children's Village Lekenik

European water polo championships has a humanitarian character, because INA will donate two kuna from every ticket sold at INA gas stations to SOS Children's Village Lekenik.

Zoltán Áldott, CEO INA, official partner of the European water polo championships and Perica Bukić, president of the Croatian water polo federation and chairman of the Organizing Committee of the European water polo championships in Zagreb have been today at Ina station in Miramarska street signing a ball and thus symbolically marking the occasion of the European Championship co-operation in water polo.

The event has been attended by Ratko Rudić, the Croatian national water polo team coach, Renato Živković, Executive Director of the European Championships, Mariza Katavić, president of the SOS Children's Village Croatia, Višnja Tuškan Krupić, national director of SOS Children's Village Croatia and the whole Croatian water polo team. On the event it was announced that of each ticket sold for the European Championship at INA petrol stations, two HRK will be donated to SOS Children's Village Lekenik.

On this occasion, Zoltán Áldott, CEO of INA emphasized the importance of the event:

"I am delighted that we have gathered just three days before the European water polo Championships, a very important event for the city of Zagreb and the Croatian sport in general. Its value is therefore greater, and I can say that we decided to give the championship a humanitarian character. Specifically, in addition that INA gives full support to Croatian sports, always trying to help those who need help the most – the children. Therefore, we gave two HRK from each ticket sold at gas stations and donate it to the Children's Village Lekenik and their children. “

President of the SOS Children's Village Croatia Mariza Katavić thanked the generous support of the INA:

"We are especially pleased that this project, combining sport, Ina and SOS Children's Villages, further deepen the friendship and cooperation that we have began with INA. On behalf of the SOS Children's Village Croatia we are proud and honored to be the humanitarian organization INA has chosen to start an cooperation with, " and emphasized:
"Love for the sport is one of the fundamental characteristics that we cherish for our children which are confirmed by a number of activities within the SOS Children's villages and the SOS Youth Facilities from the beginning of our work."

All guests were addressed by Perica Bukić adding: "Just as water polo for decades is present in the hearts of all citizens of our country, so INA and its presence along the streets of our town as well as with our own, but also overseas highway, is deeply rooted, I would say even in Croatian history. And water polo and INA, in their way are the symbols of movement, strength and eternity in quality. In this small ceremony today I see some symbolism. Three days before the European Championship in our capital, we have taken the Croatian waterpolo ship by our trusted partners INA to a sort of filling the tank for a long and successful navigation on the upcoming competition. "

Until the beginning of this year's biggest sporting event in Croatia, only three days are left, but our team members are already maximally prepared.

For all the gathered at the Ina gas-station in Miramarska street the water polo team prepared a surprise by sharing their autographs and in turn received words of support for the upcoming European Championship.


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