Published: Wednesday, 08.09.2010

New school year in Ladimirevci

As in previous years, SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci organized an excursion for children and grown-ups of Children's Village before the start of the school year. Joining us were directors, educators and youth from the two Youth Facilities in Osijek.

Nice weather is reason enough to go on an excursion, and children usually don’t need any more prompting than that, but we would be remiss if we failed to mention two very important reasons that inspired this particular excursion, and we want to highlight both for the sake of our children and adults.

Firstly, we wanted to enact a symbolic farewell to summer, or at least to summer holidays, and start the new school year, with all of its challenges, obligations and accomplishments, energized by the sense of togetherness shared by everyone who lives in the Village.
Secondly, we wanted to say goodbye to our eighth graders, who would soon be transferring to the SOS Youth Facilities to start their high school education. This year, we had six: two boys and four girls. All received diplomas for the successful completion of the “Little School for Life”, which marks their readiness to embark on a new chapter in their life, taking on new responsibilities while respecting themselves and others. All six youngsters also signed an agreement to transfer from Children's Village to Youth Facilities, co-signed by their SOS mothers, Youth Facility directors and the Children's Village director. At the end of the ceremony every youngster received a book as a gift, each chosen to suit their individual tastes.

A donation made by Dr. Oetker made it possible for us to have our birthday cake and eat all the chocolate cookies too. Emaus resort hosted our party this year as well. They made sure that children got enough sustenance after their playtime by serving delicious crepes. The parting with our youngsters in the Children's Village after the excursion was tearful, but they received a warm welcome in Youth Facilities, and a clear message that their SOS families in the Children's Village would always be there for them, as would the adults of SOS.

The day was sunny and warm, a perfect reflection of how happy and deeply moved we all felt. Good luck to our young people…


Thursday, 31.10.2019

Our children look after the environment

The SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci hikers, both children and grown-ups, took part in the “Don’t Be A Sap, Plant A Tree” campaign, thus contributing to making Croatia greener and combating climate changes.

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Tuesday, 29.10.2019

We celebrate 70 years of SOS Children's Villages worldwide

In honour of the 70th anniversary of our umbrella organization SOS Children`s Villages International, we held a conference ‘Recognize, Care, Be Proud!’ – On Children in Alternative Care.

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Monday, 28.10.2019

Volunteers from A1 Croatia plant maple trees in our Village

They brought the maple tree saplings, shovels and potting soil and as soon as they had their morning coffee, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work in SOS Children's Village Lekenik!

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