Published: Monday, 15.11.2010

The most wonderful fairy tales and stories come to life in SOS Children's Village Lekenik

This Saturday and Sunday, a special event took place on the stage of the Hermann Gmeiner Social Center in SOS Children's Village Lekenik. The Millennium Fairy Tale Readathon attracted numerous book lovers from all over the world. All of them wanted to share their favorite stories and fairy tales with the children from SOS Children's Village Lekenik.

This weekend, SOS Children's Village Lekenik found itself in the world of beautiful fairy tales and stories, many of which left a deep impression on many generations of children, from our grandparents’ era to the youngest children today. For 24 hours between Saturday and Sunday, many readers, children and grown-ups from Croatia and other parts of the world read their favorite stories in various languages, proving once again that good stories cross all borders and bring together not only children, but also adults around the world.

Almost four hundred readers attended THE MILLENNIUM FAIRY TALE READATHON, children and adults both. Thanks to video technology, this year the readathon attracted readers from other continents, and many writers, artists and public figures active in the fields of culture, sports and politics. They joined the children in reading fairy tales in their own languages.

Friends of the Village and lovers of the written word who were unable to attend the event in Lekenik in real time, sent in their audio and video recordings. Thanks to the Internet, THE MILLENNIUM FAIRY TALE READATHON was also watched by adults and children from SOS Villages in Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Albania and faraway Japan.

THE MILLENNIUM FAIRY TALE READATHON opened with the story"Fairy Tale About A Fairy Tale", read by the youngest residents of the SOS Children's Village Lekenik, the director of SOS Children's Village Lekenik, Mario Čović, and our external collaborator, the director of the Little Fairy Tale Theatre of SOS Children's Village Lekenik, Rusmir Agačević.
The fairy tale about a fairy tale truly came to life this weekend in Lekenik. Long may it live in hearts and minds of all children from SOS Children's Village Lekenik.

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