Published: Monday, 04.07.2011

Doing great in school

Warm days are finally here, replacing and chasing away the winter chill that continued well into the spring. Our May Bike Tour, a 20 km ride through the woods to the banks of the Odra River, heralded the arrival of summer and warmer weather. But the best is yet to come. The school is out for the summer, our kids generally did very well in school, and some of them excelled in every subject.

This year, we extend our congratulations to our top students Lorena, Petar Gabrijel, Dijana, Aleksandra, Aleksandar Nikola, Iva, Marina, Marko, Nikola and Tara.

We are eagerly preparing to head out to our favorite vacation spots at the seaside. We will be staying with our friends in Sutomišćica, on the island of Ugljan, where SOS families will be arriving in groups, with each group staying for approximately 10 days. Our other favorite destination, the one that we have been visiting for years, is the Red Cross Resort in Rogoznica, where we always feel at home.
We are looking forward to practicing different swimming styles, taking part in various games, eating ice cream and simply enjoying the seaside with its rich scents and colors. We also have some summer reading to do, but that won’t keep us from having a good rest, going on another bike tour or two, visiting nearby woods, meadows, lakes and rivers and playing with our friends. We will also be going to the swimming pool regularly, and we would love to go on a camping trip by the Kupa River.

Dear friends, thank you for making it possible for our children to enjoy a peaceful and fulfilling childhood in SOS Children's Villages Lekenik and Ladimirevci. To help us with our big and small plans for the summer please make a contribution and turn this summer into a joyful and carefree time filled with games and copious amounts of ice cream.

Summer is here, school is out,
Sea paradise is calling us south!
Our grades range from failing to great,
The sea is waiting, so don’t be late!
And when the school begins anew,
We’ll cry for the sea, both me and you!
Bernard, 8th grade

The school is about to end,
Bye bye teachers,
Bye bye schoolwork.
See you at the seaside!
I will be back soon
And be a good student again.
Emanuel, 6th grade


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