Published: Tuesday, 13.09.2011

Hobby Day – Day of leisure activities

On Saturday, September 10, 2011, SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci held a Hobby Day dedicated to leisure activities. During the event, children had the opportunity to learn more about extracurricular activities and to choose those that best reflect their interests and abilities to pursue in the new school year.

Children's Village welcomed the representatives of NGOs and community centers who came to showcase creative programs designed for children. The participants displayed leaflets, pictures and models featuring their activities and programs at small stalls. Taking part in the event were: the equestrian society “T.I.M.” from Osijek, Center of Technology from Valpovo, Ms. Snježana Tolić, Ms. Ksenija Vilić on behalf of association “Nauk” from Osijek and our very own pedagogue Sanja.

Tanja and Martina, the girls from the equestrian society, used photographs and stories to showcase horse-riding and horse-grooming activities that the children would be able to participate in at their ranch. Center of Technology from Valpovo offered children about a dozen interesting workshops on topics such as computers, photography, electronics, rocket model-building, airplane model-building, robotics, jewelry making, astronomy, radio and traffic safety.

Children really liked that they displayed various models from previous workshops at their stall, because it enabled them to see and examine for themselves the actual results of featured activities. Ms. Snježana Tolić presented her educational-environmental park for agriculture, and she invited SOS mothers and children to join the project of growing organic fruit, vegetables and herbs.

For children who like to express their creativity through acting, association “Nauk” from Osijek and drama teacher Ksenija Vilić presented the drama club. As in previous years, children were also able to choose between activities organized by our pedagogue Sanja – namely, literary, art and journalism clubs.

As for sports activities, children were able to choose between gymnastics, football and swimming, all of them located outside the Children's Village, in Valpovo and Bizovac. Every child chose two activities, and now they are eagerly awaiting the beginning of their sessions.
We would like to thank everyone who came to present their work. We look forward to further collaborations!

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