Published: Wednesday, 14.09.2011

The summer story of AIESEC Osijek and SOS Children's Village gets the autumn sequel!

Local AIESEC committee in Osijek and SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci spent the summer months writing a lovely story of friendship, humanity and creativity together.

Four interns from the neighboring Serbia took the opportunity to participate in the AIESEC international internship program by volunteering to work with the Children's Village children during summer. This is a continuation of the successful partnership between AIESEC and SOS Children's Village called “Students Helping Children”.

Educational and recreational workshops gave substance to school-free summer days and the interns – Ivana Novaković from Kragujevac, Dragan Milić from Belgrade, and Aleksandar Vidić and Dejan Daničić from Subotica – did their best to design interesting and proactive programs for the children. The primary goal of this partnership was to fill the free time of the youngest Village residents with quality programming aimed at teaching them about cooperation, conflict resolution and improving their social skills. All three goals have been accomplished, but the children were not the only ones to gain new skills and make new friends – the interns say that they themselves gained even more. What made the internship in the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci so special was its humane message. “Nothing compares to the feeling of being able to help children who are not in charge of their fate. Contributing to the leisure time of children who crave attention and love is sheer joy”, said Ivana, who is majoring in English.

The children responded to the workshops with great enthusiasm. They were always ready to take part in any activity and to fill every free moment leaning new things and asking for explanations from their young teachers. As for the teachers, they took to their young charges immediately and they loved spending time with them. They were equally happy with their accommodations and overall reception in the SOS Children's Village. “Working in the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci was a completely new experience for me. I’ll be taking some beautiful memories with me, reminders of working with children and experiences that will surely benefit me in the future. Work conditions were really top notch. People who were helping us with our work did not spare any effort, and neither did we”, said Dragan, an organizational sciences major.

After several weeks in Ladimirevci and Osijek, all interns returned home deeply impressed, taking with them not only the wonderful memories, but also the phone numbers and e-mail addresses of many of their young students and new friends. “When I think of this internship, my fondest memory is of the people! Friends are the most important element in the life of any person. I made many new friends in Osijek, and I look forward to the day we meet again to pick up where we left off. Everyone had trouble saying goodbye, but instead of giving in to sadness, we will go on to new triumphs”, concluded Dragan.

Zoran Relić, the director of SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci, has nothing but praise for the AIESEC interns. “We were very pleased with this partnership and the way our children accepted the interns, who did their best to make the workshops as interesting as possible. They were always open to suggestions, they tailored their approach to children and maintained good communication and cooperation with the SOS CV co-workers”, said the Village director.

The continuation of our collaboration in the forthcoming months is yet another proof of how happy we were with both the mini-project and the first group of interns. New AIESEC interns will arrive to SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci in early October. We have no doubt that they will be equally successful in befriending and teaching our children. A new chapter in this story of humanity, friendship and togetherness is about to begin, this time imbued with the colors of autumn!


Thursday, 31.10.2019

Our children look after the environment

The SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci hikers, both children and grown-ups, took part in the “Don’t Be A Sap, Plant A Tree” campaign, thus contributing to making Croatia greener and combating climate changes.

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Tuesday, 29.10.2019

We celebrate 70 years of SOS Children's Villages worldwide

In honour of the 70th anniversary of our umbrella organization SOS Children`s Villages International, we held a conference ‘Recognize, Care, Be Proud!’ – On Children in Alternative Care.

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Monday, 28.10.2019

Volunteers from A1 Croatia plant maple trees in our Village

They brought the maple tree saplings, shovels and potting soil and as soon as they had their morning coffee, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work in SOS Children's Village Lekenik!

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