Published: Thursday, 15.09.2011

The first SOS mother in Croatia retires

ĐURĐICA BIZOMEC is leaving SOS CV Ladimirevci after 16 years. She raised 16 children, and has 4 grandchildren by 2 of her SOS daughters. "Actually, I never thought that I would be here until retirement...

On September 1 of this year, Đurđica Bizomec from Kutina became the first SOS mother in Croatia to retire. The 55-year old has worked as an SOS mother in SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci for more than 16 years and was among the rare mothers in the Ladimirevci Village who arrived there in the beginning and stayed until retirement age!

“Actually, I never thought that I would be here until retirement. I guess life is funny that way, and now, after many years of absence, I am finally heading back to Kutina, where I have 2 biological daughters with their families and 3 biological grandchildren that I will be able to spend more time with”, hopes the brand new retiree, although she is still somewhat apprehensive about saying goodbye to the community where she experienced many wonderful moments.

This is, after all, where she raised 16 children, who to this day see her simply as their Mom, and she has deep emotional ties to all of them. Many of her children have grown up in the meantime, but all of them still call her and visit her frequently. Đurđica proudly says that 2 of her SOS daughters are already married, so she also has 2 SOS son-in-laws and 4 SOS grandchildren!

“After I applied for the job as an SOS mother and decided to change my life, I left the store I managed to become a mother to children who needed parental care and attention more than anything else. I knew it wouldn’t be an ordinary job, the kind that most people do. This job requires not only 24-hour commitment, but also sacrifice, care and time, and, more than anything else, love – and these children know how to appreciate it and give it back”, says Đurđica.

“SOS mother must be aware that as soon as she steps into an SOS house she becomes everything to her children and that she has to be responsible for everything, from their health and education to their leisure time, which leaves her very little time to herself. Living in such an environment, at such a fast pace, means that my years here just flew by. I believe that the great demands of this profession are the main reason that very few young women today are prepared to take on the responsibility and become SOS mothers”, says Đurđica.

She adds that she would be more than happy to come back to the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci and help whenever necessary, but this time as SOS grandmother!

Pictured 1: Surrounded by the love of her SOS children, Đurđica is turning a new page

Pictured 2: Đurđica with her youngest charge, Toni


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