Published: Thursday, 12.04.2012

The campaign “Your Future Depends On Us – Our Present Depends On You!”

At the press conference that took place on April 12 at the Press Club in Zagreb, the representatives of SOS Children's Village Croatia and their partners launched the campaign “Your Future Depends On Us – Our Present Depends On You!”, marking the 20 years of SOS Children's Village Croatia. The campaign is intended to emphasize the importance of all types of support, such as financial donations, training and investing into the future of the children from SOS Children's Village Croatia, which is funded primarily through voluntary donations, and to encourage everyone to give more and call the charity hotline 060 9003 (HRK 5 + VAT per call).

Today we launched the SOS Children's Village Croatia campaign to mark the 20 years that we have been providing care for the children without parents and adequate parental care in SOS Children's Villages in Croatia, where they live in a family environment, enjoying love, security and happiness. Introducing both the Association and the campaign were Mariza Katavić, the president of SOS Children's Village Croatia and Višnja Tuškan-Krupić, national director of SOS Children's Village Croatia. Both of them pointed out that all our efforts would be in vain without the financial support of private citizens and socially responsible companies that recognized SOS as the right partner for them.

The campaign, which includes TV and radio commercials, print and OOH advertising, and digital media promotions, is the creative work of the Unex Group agency. It will run for the remainder of the year, but the central event will take place in May, during the Family Week. On Sunday, May 6, 2012, we can look forward to a rich and varied program in the SOS Children's Village Lekenik. From 10 am to 5 pm we will be able to enjoy creative workshops and entertainment programs honoring all SOS mothers, SOS children and SOS families. This is how the staff, SOS mothers and children from SOS CVC will show their gratitude for selfless support without which our Association could not survive.

''It is my great pleasure to be able to greet numerous partners in our project of celebrating our 20th anniversary in Croatia. SOS Children's Village Croatia and all its programs represent the family-based concept of care, persistence, tenderness, responsibility and professional know-how, all of which serve as the basis of our children’s daily lives. Our partners are an irreplaceable part of this process, and they in turn have recognized that we are the safest investment into a better future. For that, we are immensely grateful”, said Višnja Tuškan-Krupić, the national director of SOS Children's Village Croatia.

The anniversary celebration on May 6 will be enhanced by the presence of Helmut Kutin, president of SOS-Kinderdorf International, who also attended the opening of the first village in Croatia back in 1993. On this occasion, he will award the SOS mothers by giving them golden rings as symbols of appreciation for their many years of service. SOS Children's Village Lekenik will host the celebration of the 20th anniversary of SOS Children's Village Croatia, welcoming children, SOS mothers, collaborators, fellow citizens, partners and guests to a celebration of our accomplishments and partnerships, all of which were aimed at making the children in the care of SOS CVC smile again. A number of creative and educational workshops have already been announced. Taking part in them will be numerous celebrities such as athletes, musicians, dancers etc. who will serve as teachers for the day.
The campaign has the support of many companies, business people and artists in our country, who see it as a way to participate in the creation of the new generation of accomplished individuals. Among them are INA, Unex Group, Millennium Promotions, Večernji list, 24 sata, Poslovni dnevnik, T-Hrvatski Telekom and many others who today said that they want to serve as role models who will encourage the general public to take part in this campaign.

''Unex Group eagerly accepted the partnership in this project that celebrates the 20th anniversary of SOS in Croatia”, said Marina Bolanča Radunović, the Unex Group PR director. “SOS Children's Village Croatia cultivates the genuine values underpinning any kind of social progress, by building families where children are taught real values to help them stride through life confidently. We hope others will also recognize the importance of support and unreservedly offer their own support for this noble purpose. SOS Children's Village Croatia is certainly the best recipe for the creation of the new generation.”

Damir Jugo explained what prompted Millennium Promotions to join this worthy project: “Millennium Promotions has been the communications partner of SOS Children's Village Croatia for more than 2 years. We are honored that on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of their work we can once again stand side by side with this praiseworthy organization. SOS Children's Village, led by Prof. Katavić and Ms. Tuškan-Krupić, has been doing a fantastic job for the past 20 years, raising children who are growing into happy young adults thanks to the SOS and their care. The play that opened this conference and smiles of the children who performed it are answer enough to the question of why have we been supporting SOS Children's Village pro bono for years.”
Listen to the voice of a child in you, realize that “Your Future Depends On Us – Our Present Depends On You” and contribute by calling 060 9003 (HRK 5 + VAT per call). For more information on SOS Children's Village Croatia, please visit www.sos-dsh.hr


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