Published: Saturday, 11.08.2012

Children from the SOS Children's Village Lekenik enjoy the Adriatic Games

On Friday, the old pier in Rogoznica welcomed the children from SOS Children's Village Lekenik, who took part in the Lino Adriatic Games for Juniors, a traveling game show aimed at elementary school students that was launched in early June. Many different games, great atmosphere and cheers from the audience brought big smiles to the faces of our children vacationing in Rogoznica.

This year, SOS Children's Village Croatia struck a partnership with the Adriatic Games, first through the donations it received from the sponsors of this summer spectacle, and later through the participation of the children from the SOS Children's Village Lekenik in the Lino Adriatic Games for Juniors. Four SOS teams consisting of 4 contestants each tried their luck in a number of entertaining and interesting games, showing off their drive to win, their team spirit and their boundless energy. SOS Children's Village Croatia and Adriatic Games share the appreciation for the sports and its importance in helping children spend their free time in a purposeful and healthy way.

From the moment of introducing all child participants to the end, when all participants received diplomas and Podravka, the general sponsor of the Adriatic Games, handed over Lino packages full of sweets to all children, positive energy and wonderful atmosphere ruled the day. It was clear that for the audience, especially for the youngest spectators, the most important quality that the contestants could show was not to win at any cost, but to give your all four your teammates.

The competition began with a game called “Our Beautiful Country”, during which the members of the Blue Shadow team proved their speed, dexterity and quick thinking. In the game called “Fish Crate”, the contestants had to race each other while maneuvering the fish crates. Fish crates often prevented contestants from seeing what was in front of them, thus creating an additional obstacle. Members of the Nemo team proved themselves the best “fishermen”. They also won the “Tug-of-War”, and eventually the entire contest!
And just when everyone thought that the games were over, Lino the Bear proposed another tug-of-war, purely for the fun of it. This time the tension was ratcheted even higher, because 13 children aligned themselves at the each end of the rope. As the suspense mounted and cheers could be heard from all directions, SOS Children's Village Lekenik children found themselves on one end of the rope, facing the children from the audience and the youngest tourists on the other.

After a mighty struggle, children from the SOS Children's Village Lekenik emerged as winners. Together with their SOS mothers and the pedagogical assistant, they celebrated with the audience and the behind-the-scenes team of the Adriatic Games. It would be hard to think of a better way to end this event, which has enriched this year’s tourist offer in Rogoznica.
Aleksandar Nađ, the pedagogical assistant in SOS Children's Village Lekenik did not hide his satisfaction. “By encouraging our children to spend their free time pursuing sports and forging friendships with other children, we want to instill in them the athletic spirit and a sense of togetherness. Seeing our children so happy is our greatest reward, and the trust that the friends of SOS Children's Village Croatia have in us inspires us to continue doing our best in the future.”

This year’s partnership between SOS Children's Village Croatia and Adriatic Games will reach its peak on September 9 in Biograd, during the international finale of Adriatic Games, when the general sponsor of the Adriatic Games, Podravka, plans on handing the SOS Children's Village Croatia a cheque for the amount of HRK 35,000.



Wednesday, 13.11.2019

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