Published: Wednesday, 12.09.2012

Podravka donates a check to SOS Children's Village Croatia at the international finals of the Adriatic Games

This year’s partnership between SOS Children's Village Croatia and the Adriatic Games reached its peak during the first international finals of the Adriatic Games, when the representatives from Podravka, the general sponsor of the Adriatic Games, presented SOS Children's Village Croatia with a check in the amount of HRK 35,000.

The seaside town of Biograd played host to the fans and participants of the first international finals of the Adriatic Games. The proud hosts also welcomed the representatives of the SOS Children's Village Croatia, who accepted the donation from Podravka, the general sponsor of Adriatic Games, during a live show of the Adriatic Games finals.

This year, SOS Children's Village Croatia struck a partnership with the Adriatic Games, and children from the SOS Children's Village Lekenik took part in the Lino Adriatic Games for Juniors. Four SOS teams consisting of four contestants each tried their luck in a number of entertaining and interesting games, showing off their drive to win, their team spirit and their boundless energy. The partnership continued with the donation from Podravka, the general sponsor of this summer spectacle. This entire charity campaign shows that SOS Children's Village Croatia, Podravka and Adriatic Games share the appreciation for the sports and their importance in helping children spend their free time in a purposeful and healthy way.

On behalf of the SOS Children's Village Croatia, the check was accepted by the director of SOS Children's Village Lekenik, Mario Čović.
“We are extremely happy and grateful to Podravka and the Adriatic Games for this year’s campaign. We will use the donation to improve the lives of our children. Our greatest reward, as always, lies in the happiness we see on the faces of our children.”

Marinka Akrap, Head of Corporate Communications, handed over the donation in the amount of HRK 35,000 on behalf of Podravka, and accompanied by the captain of the Croatian national handball team and handball club Podravka, Miranda Tatari.

- We do our best to support all socially responsible activities, especially those involving children and youth. The same goes for the donation to the SOS Children's Village Croatia, which will go towards making sure that children and youth can enjoy a happy childhood and receive quality education. We are very proud that Podravka is taking part in this charity campaign - said Marinka Akrap, and Miranda Tatari added:
- As a professional athlete, I always do may best to help children and youth be happy and content. This is why I accepted Podravka’s invitation to come to Biograd and participate in the presentation of this check to SOS Children's Village Croatia.


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