Published: Thursday, 27.09.2012

TV host Uršula Tolj and Kinoklub’s frontman Luka Tomaš join our campaign

Well-known Croatian journalist and TV host Uršula Tolj and popular frontman of the band Kinoklub, Luka Tomaš, joined the Fairy Tale campaign this week and invited kids and their parents to visit the website http://bajke.sos-dsh.hr, and join the campaign themselves

"Join in, let your imagination fly, draw and help those who need help the most”, says Uršula, who took the opportunity to look back on the early days of her childhood:

“The very words ‘fairy tale’ put a wistful smile on my face… I’m sure all of us would like to be a part of a fairy tale, at least for a little while. Although, not all fairy tales are fluffy and gentle. Many are full of fire, dragons, swords, even blood. Still, when someone mentions fairy tales, I have to smile… And I don’t actually remember the plots themselves – what remains with me are my favorite scenes from famous tales, and memories of my dad telling his own tales to my sister and me, made-up stories in which the two of us often had roles”, says Uršula wistfully.

“Fairy tales are important in imparting universal human values. Whenever I think of a fairy tale, I automatically remember the moral of it, the real meaning of the tale. I see fairy tales as a tool for essential life lessons, as warnings of challenges and obstacles we face while growing up”, adds Luka.


“I am very fond of certain fairy tales, and of their movie versions, but I think listing titles is completely beside the point. I would rather talk about the images: Snow White’s black hair, red apple, talking mirror, birds cleaning the house, frog, kiss (that has the power), carriage, pumpkin, dress as white as snow, light of lit match, apparitions, stars, fire, swords, castles, hair braids, dwarves… We all carry those images and sometimes they really come in handy. Between waiting for a green light on an intersection and standing in a line somewhere, between taking off your child’s shoes in the kindergarten and paying bills, between kisses and hugs, between walks in the woods and snorkeling in the sea”, continues Uršula before concluding:

“Fairy tales are not just a permanent part of our childhood, but of our life as a whole. No, I did not kiss frogs at the lake hoping my prince will appear. But I did hope that at least once I would get to experience a kiss that has all the dreaminess and wonder of a fairly tale.”
In his final comments, Luka Tomaš reveals why it is important to let children discover a world of wonder and imagination: “Fictitious and magical beings that often appear in fairy tales as its protagonists are fantastical reimaginings of real social roles. Today children live in a world that is saturated with media and technology, and fairy tales are in danger of being forgotten, like ancient beacons pointing toward universal values. This is why every generation needs to be reminded of the magic of reading a wondrous tale. It is important to read to children and nurture their love of books, it is important to pay attention to children and encourage their inquisitiveness and positive values. They will understand there are no magicians, fairies and wonders soon enough. And that is precisely why all the best fairy tales live on.”

SOS Children's Village Croatia currently looks after 240 children and young people. Your participation in this campaign, and any donations you make, can make a big difference in their lives. To find out more about how you can help, click here.
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Wednesday, 13.11.2019

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Thursday, 31.10.2019

Our children look after the environment

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We celebrate 70 years of SOS Children's Villages worldwide

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