Published: Friday, 03.05.2013

We need your help!

Martin and his friends need spare parts for their bikes. If you want to help, please take a look at the Martin’s list of spare parts.

To get ready for our forthcoming bike tour in SOS Children's Village Lekenik, we started a drive to repair our bikes.
In the SOS Children's Village Lekenik, we are in need of these parts to complete our repairs:

• left brake handle: 3 pcs.
• right brake handle: 3 pcs.
• brake cable: 7 pcs.
• inner tire 16 x 1.75: 4 pcs.
• outer tire 20 x 2.125: 6 pcs.
• inner tire 20 x 1.75: 6 pcs.
• outer tire 26 x 1.75 : 4 pcs.
• inner tire 26 x 1.95: 8 pcs.
• inner tire 24 x 1.75: 8 pcs.
• outer tire 700 x 38C: 1 pcs.
• inner tire 700 x 38C: 2 pcs.
• short transversal cable for the front brake: 1 pcs.
• seat: 1 pcs.
• complete rear brake: 2 pcs.
• chain – 6-speed: 1 pcs.

If you can donate some of the listed parts, please let us know at info@sos-dsh.hr so that we can make further arrangements. Thank you!

In our SOS Children's Villages we also have children who never had a bike and would love to have one!
Please help children from SOS Children's Village Croatia maintain their existing bikes, buy new ones and repair the broken ones by donating here.

If you have a bicycle you don’t use, please consider giving it to us!


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