Published: Thursday, 12.09.2013

Pioneer Program GDF SUEZ University and SOS CV Croatia in Zagreb

In the first week of July, ten employees of the SOS Children’s Village Croatia and thirty-one managers from GDF Suez corporation participated in the joint training on leadership skills.

Assisted by the top trainers from the GDF SUEZ University, we improved our leadership skills by working on models for the development of our Association by 2020. Instead of working on imaginary scenarios, GDF SUEZ University Leadership Program focuses on case studies drawn from real life. During our six-day training, not only did we work very hard, but we also got to know each other very well. The outcomes of this workshop will help us create guidelines and design strategies in the areas of program development, fundraising and organizational development which will guide our Association in the next seven years until the watershed-year of 2020, by which we need to become self-financing.
At the end of the very demanding, but also productive working week we all felt like one team. The commitment of our new friends to analyzing our work and finding the best possible development models in the years ahead can hardly be described in just a few sentences. The individual impressions, which all the members of our team truly wanted to share, provide a much fuller picture of what this unforgettable week meant to all of us.

Višnja Tuškan-Krupić
National Director
SOS Children’s Village Croatia

Our joint journey with the friends from GDF Suez began by sharing the wise and timeless message of The Little Prince. And just like that little boy explored the world with childlike openness and curiosity, all of us together have been exploring ideas on how we can make sure that the children in care of SOS Children’s Village Croatia live a happy, carefree, playful existence in the stable environment that provides them with security and love. I am so glad that in our journey with the people we only met a day before we opened our hearts, joined our hands and pooled all our knowledge, experience and humanity to create something good. Good for the children.- Gordana Daniel, National Program Development Director

This working week that I spent together with the GDF Suez members was impressive. Excellent and creative working atmosphere laid the foundation for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Socializing in the off hours gave us insight into the people behind the business titles. I’m in awe of the people who invested so much love and energy to share their knowledge and skills and help SOS Children's Village Croatia on the road to self-sufficiency in 2020. I am especially grateful for the enthusiasm and love that our friends from GDF Suez showed in their daily work and for supporting the SOS concept that guides our lives in the SOS Village through a host of specific suggestions. – Zoran Relić, Director of SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci

It was a week of good ideas and intentions. GDF Suez team members were very engaged and motivated. Thank you, and I hope that we will continue our cooperation and friendship. – Mario Čović, Director of SOS Children's Village Lekenik

Although I participated in the training for only two days, I am taking with me the rare commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism of all the participants from GDF Suez. Until we meet again, I send my warmest greetings. – Marinka Šenjug, Head of Fundraising and Communications Department

Pioneer workshop with the dedicated staff of GDF Suez from all over the world is one of the most unique and gratifying educational experiences I have ever had. I really cannot decide what to mention first: the commitment and zeal of participants, the superb coaches, great organization or what I personally gained from the training, all the insights I will put towards improving my professional skills. All in all, a wonderful week for me as a professional, but also on a personal level. – Ljiljana Varga, Corporate Fundraiser

GDF Suez University Pioneer Program has helped me in several different ways. In my day-to-day job, I work in a small team, so I don’t really get the opportunity to compare myself with other people, especially from the business sector. This helped me discover my weaknesses and strengths and get a better insight into myself. I also collected many new, fresh ideas that will hopefully help our organization to improve even more in the coming years. Those ideas were linked not only to the task of this Program, but also to the overall effort of organizing work in a more efficient manner. Overall, this was a very useful and inspiring week and I am happy that I was given a chance to be a part of it. – Gordan Novak, Fundraiser

A big thank you to GDF Suez team for helping us to expand our professional and personal skills through the Pioneer Leadership Program. It was a remarkable week! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and understanding the passion that inspires us in our work. – Joško Marinković, Human Resources Manager

The week spent focusing on this joint project has given me new enthusiasm for future work and provided me with additional support in my job – an excellent synergy of new and existing friends within the conceptual framework of SOS Children’s Villages. The colleagues were very supportive, the mood very positive and challenging both individually and in terms of the working teams. - Mirjana Majhen Kamenarić, Chief Accountant

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