Published: Monday, 10.04.2017

Join the Friends Club!

This week SOS representatives are located in Zagreb, Osijek, Split, Virovitica, Đakovo and Varaždin. In Zagreb we are present in City Center East and Emmezeta Stupnik. In Split, you can meet us in BILLA Spinčićeva. In Varaždin we can meet in LIDL, Gospodarska 54. In Osijek in Kaufland JR Kira and Emmezeta. In the city Virovitica we are present door to door.

Representatives of the SOS Children's Village Croatia promote joining the Friends Club through face-to-face contact while raising funds required for the club to function.
All interested citizens apporached by SOS representatives in the street, at a square, in a shopping mall or at their own door can become members of the Friends Club by signing a request to set up a standing order for the payment of a monthly amount of their choice to the SOS Children's Village Croatia account. Money raised in this way ensures a caring home for every child in Croatia who lives in SOS Children's Villages Lekenik or Ladimirevci.

SOS representatives are easy to recognize: they wear orange T-shirts with a SOS Children's Village Croatia logo. carry folders entitled “A Friend Is Always By My Side”, and, of course, they smile broadly!
We believe that talking with SOS representatives and having the opportunity to join the “A Friend Is Always By My Side” program will gladden the hearts of people and show them how beautiful it is to give a helping hand.
We want to emphasize that SOS representatives do not accept money or other types of material support on the spot.

For further information and questions regarding the Friends Club, please call 01/4618206.


Wednesday, 26.04.2017

25 years of building families for children without adequate parental care fills us with pride!

Take a moment to think about this: are you proud of yourself? Isn’t being proud of oneself a wonderful feeling? Association SOS Children's Village Croatia, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, has a good reason to feel proud!

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Wednesday, 14.09.2016

Future forces of football play on the FC Lokomotiva pitch

A friendly game between the children from SOS Children's Village Lekenik and FC Lokomotiva recently took place on the FC Lokomotiva football field.

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Friday, 09.09.2016

A perfect Friday in the SOS Rose House with our loyal friends

Is there a better way to finish a working week then by spending it with good friends and long-time partners? This is how we spent this Friday in the SOS Children's Village Lekenik, or more precisely, in the SOS Rose House, where we welcomed our loyal friends from Robert Bosch.

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