Published: Wednesday, 09.04.2014

“Although I grew up without parents, I always wanted to be a mother”

Young mom Nadica Lisjak tells us about the experience of growing up with numerous brothers and sisters in the SOS Children's Village and the helpful advice of her SOS mother Mirjana after she herself became the mother to little Mihael 14 months ago.

“I always wanted to be a mother, but I was too young. Last year I decided I was ready and mature enough to have a baby. When my son Mihael was born, my dream finally came true”, says Nadica Lisjak, mother of the 14-month-old Mihael.
Nadica spent her childhood without biological parents, in the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci, where she was placed as a six-year-old. Although adjustment to new life and people was difficult at first, Nadica says that she has experienced many wonderful moments in the house of her SOS mother Mirjana.
“I loved growing up with my SOS mother. I learned so much from her, and in a way she is the one who set me on the right path and made it possible for me to succeed in life”, says Nadica, who in addition to her biological siblings also has many SOS brothers and sisters. In other words, even as a young girl herself, she was often in contact with younger children.

First days of motherhood
Still, after Mihael was born, Nadica frequently came to her second mother for help. Nadica tells us how SOS mother Mirjana helped her and gave her practical advice, making the first days of motherhood easier.
“I often talk to my SOS mother, she is always there for me when I need information. If I don’t know something, for example, when to switch my baby to solid foods, I call Mirjana, she explains everything and I instantly feel better”, says Nadica about her relationship with SOS mother Mirjana.

Like all children who grew up in the SOS Children's Village, after completing elementary school Nadica enrolled in a high school in Osijek and moved to the SOS Youth Facility there, entering the second phase of the family-based model of long-term child and youth care. Young people live in this facility as long as they are in high school and until they finally become self-sufficient.
During this period, the young people can rely on the support of the expert team, i.e., four educators and the Youth Facility director, who jointly take care of their health, diet, study time, concerns and problems.

A big role in life
However, the pivotal moment in Nadica’s quest to start her own family occurred when she visited her friends in Zagreb, where she met her partner, Mihael’s dad. Nadica says she had a “textbook” pregnancy, without any particular problems, and she also remembers the birth fondly. Although she has always lived surrounded by children, motherhood completely changed Nadica.

“Being a mother is a major role in life and a woman has to change in order to show her child the right way to live. I want to teach Mihael about right and wrong, I want him to be a person of integrity. I want him to respect others, but above all, I want him healthy and successful in life”, concludes young mom Nadica.

Written by: Martina Butorac
Source: klokanica.hr
Photography: Robert Anić/PIXSELL


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