Published: Sunday, 31.08.2014

The Little Prince and the Big Pilot – theatre performance as an anniversary gift

NGO ZiiD from Buje celebrated its 5th anniversary, and children from SOS Children's Village Lekenik performed the play The Little Prince and the Big Pilot as an anniversary gift for them.

On Saturday, a celebration was held in Buje to mark the 5th anniversary of the NGO ZiiD, which brings together volunteers with diverse social and creative backgrounds. The goal of this NGO is to raise cultural, educational, environmental and familial quality of life through various activities, programs and projects, primarily in the Buje area.

During the several days of celebration a number of creative workshops and programs aimed at children and youth took place. NGO ZiiD welcomed the children from the SOS Children's Village Lekenik, who performed their play The Little Prince and the Big Pilot in Istria for the first time, in honor of this anniversary. The participation of children from SOS Children's Village Lekenik was supported by the Lions Club Novigrad, and accommodations were provided by B-Coop d.o.o. from Umag and Bifix from Buje. Restaurant Ma-Ni, pizzeria Buoni Amici from Umag and pizzeria Aquarius from Buje also lent their support.

NGO ZiiD has been implementing the C-TAG project for two years. This project combines art with intercultural dialogue to bring European citizens closer together. The project is aimed at adults, especially those adults with fewer opportunities for socialization who have never, or rarely, participated in international exchanges. The C-TAG project is really a chance for informal learning, because it allows the participants to both familiarize themselves with various art disciplines, and get a better insight into the European dimension of cooperation. Pro Loco Scandiano from Italy is the holder of the project, and NGO ZiiD is a project partner, together with Sdruženi Artefaktum from the Czech Republic and Urla Dostluk Derneĝi (Urla Friendship Force and Cultural Center) from Turkey.

An exhibit of works created under the auspices of this project was opened in the atrium of the Buje Public Open University as part of the celebration.
“For the past several years, the activities of the NGO ZiiD have been aimed at trying to perform different interventions in our community and the surrounding area. With this project, we have opened our doors to Europe and attempted to create a new European dimension by combining art and the Buje energy into one. Today we celebrate our anniversary with friends, we help children without parents from the SOS Children's Village Lekenik and look forward to all our future projects”, said Hrvoje Livada, the president of NGO ZiiD.

The celebration of the 5th anniversary of NGO ZiiD also marked the official completion of the C-TAG project. To mark the occasion, the president of the NGO ZiiD Hrvoje Livada presented the mayor of Buje Edi Andreašić and director of the Buje Tourist Board Valter Bassanese with digitART maps of Buje, imprinted with the QR code that allows users to learn more about Buje. NGO ZiiD received the commendation for their contribution to the community from the City of Buje.

A FIFA 14 PS3 tournament also took place. There were twenty participants and the “Vladimir Nazor” team took the first prize. Theatre group ZiiD Theatre held a performance, and the audience was also entertained by the Laughter Studio from Zagreb. The celebration continued long into the night, with everyone enjoying the birthday cake and the acoustic music of the Rezime Band from Poreč.
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