Published: Friday, 12.09.2014

SOS Children's Village Croatia Committed Giving Program “A Friend Is Always With Me”

“A Friend Is Always With Me”, the SOS Children's Village Croatia program that encourages and invites private citizens to help children by donating a fixed monthly amount by direct debit and credit cards, has a new TV campaign, accompanied by radio and city light ads.

The campaign, designed by the Unex Group, charmingly depicts a woman who strolls through a shopping mall carrying many bags and who wishes for a pastry, a latest in the long string of wishes… However, when a carefree child runs by, she changes her mind because it occurs to her that even a single pastry or a cup of coffee that she gives up can make a huge difference in someone else’s life. The campaign emphasizes in an emotional way that even the tiniest bit of help is precious, because what many take for granted can bring joy to children.

This is the second year that SOS Children's Village Croatia has been raising donations from private citizens through the program “A Friend Is Always With Me”, using the face-to-face approach. SOS representatives are in direct contact with the citizens, in their homes, on the street, in the shopping malls, spreading the word about living in the SOS Children's Village and caring for children and youth. Open the doors of your heart and allow them to tell you, briefly, about to the way in which you too can help the children in Croatia. SOS representatives are immediately recognizable by their orange T-shirts with the SOS Children's Village Croatia logo and the printed slogan “A Friend Is Always With Me”, and of course, by their smiles!
Private citizens can become members of the Friends Club by signing the application to open a standing order or by donating monthly with their credit card, as our SOS representatives will explain. Members of the Friends Club are regular donors, citizens who pay a monthly amount to the SOS Children's Village Croatia account. The amount of donation is chosen by the donors themselves. The money raised in this way enables us to provide a loving home to every child in Croatia who lives in SOS Children's Villages Lekenik or Ladimirevci.

We believe that a conversation with our SOS representatives and an opportunity to join the program “A Friend Is Always With Me” will fill the hearts of citizens and allow them to feel the genuine joy of helping others. We would like to point out that SOS representatives do not accept cash donations or any other forms of material assistance on the spot.

In addition to providing a warm and loving home, SOS Children's Village Croatia also nurtures and develops dreams and tries to make true the wishes of every child in its care, a total of 250 in both SOS Children's Villages. To achieve this, we need the help of the community – and therefore the main goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of care for children without parents or adequate parental care in SOS Children's Village Croatia.
Contributing to the campaign implementation are: Unex Group as the concept developer and activity coordinator, led by the creative director Iva Babaja, postproduction and animation studio Kreativni nered, Vibe produkcija, Marta Cerovečki, Studio Blenda, IDM Music, Infiniti promedia d.o.o. and children from SOS Children's Village Lekenik, supported by the media partners.

Hosts of the radio spot are children from SOS Children's Village Lekenik. You can contribute to their joy by calling the charity helpline 060 90 55.

Watch the campaign video spot here!


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