Published: Wednesday, 29.04.2015

Grown-Ups for Kids in SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci

Civil initiative “Grown-Ups for Kids” from Osijek just completed their third annual bike repairing drive for the children in SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci.

“When I grow up, I will help kids too”, says our six-year-old Fran with a smile, as he rides by on his freshly repaired bicycle.

His bike was one of around fifty bikes the master repairmen repaired in the organization of the civil initiative “Grown-Ups for Kids” from Osijek. This is the third year that they have helped the children from SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci in this way.
Children often get carried away when they play, so it’s not surprising that their bikes take a bit of damage in the course of the year. The experienced repairmen deftly handled various problems on bikes, tricycles and scooters – they replaced missing or broken parts, fixed the tires, righted the crooked spokes, oiled the chains. The only problem was waiting. There was a long line of children in front of the workshop, all of them with something to fix.

Also participating in this humanitarian drive were bikers from several motorcycle clubs. At one point, there was so much roaring and thundering in the Children's Village that it seemed as if the storm was coming, despite the clear and sunny weather. MC Veterani Slavonije i Baranje, MC Osijek, MC Legice, MC 4. Gardijska Split, MC My Way – those were just some of the club patches on the recognizable leather and jean jackets of the visiting octane and speed aficionados. Despite their dangerous appearance, these fearless boys and girls actually have soft hearts and they respect and care for children deeply.

“I never rode on such a motorbike before, it was great, and I felt like I was flying…” says thirteen-year-old Darko as he takes off the helmet and climbs down from the legendary Harley Davidson.

In addition to bikers, we also welcomed the collectors of old-timer cars. The old-fashioned cars, many of which were unfamiliar to children, attracted attention for their interesting design.

After a friendly football game between grown-ups and kids, which ended with a diplomatic score of 5:5, we all sat down to lunch – bean stew with sausages, prepared by cooks John and Drago. Members of the “Grown-Ups for Kids” made sure we had dessert as well – they brought delicious cakes which were all eaten so fast that sunshine didn’t have a chance of melting them. We were also joined by members of the several bicycle clubs from all parts of Croatia, led by the cyclists from the NGO “Women Cyclists of Croatia”. Around fifty of them had an exhausting training run on the Osijek-Beli Manastir-Valpovo-Ladimirevci route, and they stopped by the Children's Village to share lunch with us in the shade.

The wonderful Sunday get-together with our friends ended on a happy note and a promise: “See you next year!”


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