Published: Thursday, 03.12.2015

Join the SOS Children's Village Croatia Christmas campaign and remember your own childhood

Slow down for a second and remember how good it felt to have a happy, carefree childhood. Step into children’s shoes and look at the world from their perspective. It will appear more vivid, attractive and joyous than ever before.

That is the kind of childhood that every child deserves simply by existing, but sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to ‘be born under a lucky star’

During the holiday season, when all our thoughts are devoted to family and gathering around the holiday table, we tend to forget those who need help the most. This Christmas, we urge you to step away from your daily routine and help children without parents and parental care who live in SOS Children's Village Lekenik and Ladimirevci.

For the past twenty years, our Association has been working to create families and ensure happy, carefree childhood for children without parents and parental care. In our mission of building families, we are generously helped by our partners, donors and friends, and now that the holidays are approaching, you too can contribute to our efforts.

Join the SOS Children's Village Croatia Christmas campaign and remember your own childhood. Find a photo from your past and your present, upload it to www.sjetise.hr and download a surprise animated GIF!
Share this lovely animated GIF with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail, and invite them (nominate them) to join this worthy campaign. And of course, don’t forget to call our charity line 060 90 55 and help the children without parents and parental care. By making a call, which costs HRK 6.25, you will donate HRK 3.20, tax free, to children and youth in SOS Children's Village Lekenik and Ladimirevci.

In addition to providing a warm and loving home, SOS Children's Village Croatia also tries to make sure that every child in its care has a reason to smile. This requires the help of the community and kindness of individuals – which is why the main goal of this campaign is to raise awareness about care for children without parents and parental care in SOS Children's Villages in Croatia.

This campaign has been made possible thanks to the contribution of: Unex Grupa, in charge of the concept and coordinating the activities under the leadership of its creative director Krunoslav Serdar; band Gretta, who kindly allowed us to use their hit Malena; and several public figures – pop singer Vanna and TV hosts Tatjana Jurić and Nevena Rendeli, all of whom participated in the Christmas campaign video spot.

Watch the video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQbIHx2rpyY).



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