Published: Monday, 07.08.2017

The summer STEM Car arrives to SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci

This Friday, SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci was visited by a very special car, bringing joy to our primary school students.

 As part of its summer tour of Slavonia, the summer STEM Car made a stop in the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci. The last workshop on this summer tour was held in SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci with the participation of the primary school students there.

Children had a great time thinking up creative ways to use the micro:bit device. What better way to find some relief from the summer heat!

“I think that the pictures show the mood in the Village the best. It was fun, educational and motivating. Once again, THANK YOU on behalf of the children and grown-ups in the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci!!” said the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci psychologist Davor Vinković while addressing the Croatian Makers and their summer STEM workshop.

Tuesday, 03.10.2017

A working Saturday in SOS Children's Village Lekenik

Is there a better place for a working weekend than SOS Children's Village Lekenik? This lovely location is precisely where 30 volunteers from the IT company ReversingLabs d.o.o. chose to spend their weekend.

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Friday, 29.09.2017

Little hikers from SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci embark on a new adventure

Eight children and young people from the SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci spent a wonderful hiking weekend in the Northern Velebit National Park, where they attended a brief hiking course.

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Monday, 25.09.2017

Our Kaercher friends help us maintain clean SOS homes

Cleanliness is closely connected to health – everyone knows that, including our children in SOS Children's Village Lekenik and Ladimirevci. That is why all our kids take part in everyday household chores and help their SOS mothers maintain a clean and tidy home.

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