Published: Wednesday, 11.09.2019

The swallows of Prague bring another beautiful vacation

Our wonderful friends from the NGO Lastavica (or Swallow) in Prague have organized and funded the fourth annual week-long trip to Prague for children from six SOS Children's Villages.

 Early in the morning on the day of departure, SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci served as a gathering point for children and adults from SOS Children's Village Lekenik, SOS Children's Village Skopje from Macedonia, SOS Children's Village Kraljevo from Serbia and SOS Children's Village Gračanica and SOS Children's Village Sarajevo from Bosnia and Herzegovina before they all embarked on an adventure called “Visiting the Swallows of Prague”!

Every day in Prague was a new adventure: for example, children got riding lessons and learned more about horse management through the ages. They also visited the most famous Prague landmarks: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square…

They enjoyed swimming and going down water slides in the Aquapark, and their visit to the Museum of Illusions was full of never-before-seen surprises. The kids were particularly impressed when they attempted to lay down on the bed of nails.
The following day we were enchanted by models of life-size dinosaurs in DinoPark in Plzen, which are capable of moving and making sounds. Soon a new adventure awaited on a bobsled track that offers a view of the entire Prague! Even some of the SOS mothers joined in!

The day before we were scheduled to travel home, we visited the beautiful Prague Zoo – a home to many different animals, some of whom our children saw in flesh for the first time. We saw polar bears, giraffes, elephants, lizards, monkeys, a very long anaconda and many other animals.
Every evening after a full day of sightseeing children were treated to supper in Lastavica’s new, beautiful premises, followed by various games, quizzes, singing and dancing. Children enjoyed the rich evening programme prepared by our Lastavica friends.

A long bus ride from Prague to SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci went well, as new and old friends talked, sang and laughed together. There were even a few new crushes and some sadness that this beautiful Prague story has ended.

But the truth is that stories like this never end, because our kids carry the memories in their hearts forever! They are immensely grateful to our friends from Lastavica for the love, support and acceptance they give them every year. This is a memory that our children will treasure forever and happily share with others in the future. Thank you, Lastavica!


Thursday, 31.10.2019

Our children look after the environment

The SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci hikers, both children and grown-ups, took part in the “Don’t Be A Sap, Plant A Tree” campaign, thus contributing to making Croatia greener and combating climate changes.

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Tuesday, 29.10.2019

We celebrate 70 years of SOS Children's Villages worldwide

In honour of the 70th anniversary of our umbrella organization SOS Children`s Villages International, we held a conference ‘Recognize, Care, Be Proud!’ – On Children in Alternative Care.

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Monday, 28.10.2019

Volunteers from A1 Croatia plant maple trees in our Village

They brought the maple tree saplings, shovels and potting soil and as soon as they had their morning coffee, they rolled up their sleeves and got to work in SOS Children's Village Lekenik!

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