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SOS Youth facility Osijek

After completing elementary school, SOS children enroll in high schools in Osijek, chosen in accordance with their interests and their previous success in school.

SOS Children's Village CroatiaThis is also a point in time when they have to leave the Children's Village Ladimirevci and continue their life in Osijek, in SOS Youth Facilities, which represent the second phase in the family-based model of child and youth care.

We currently have 16 youngsters living in Youth Facility. Here they receive a different kind of care than the one they were used to in SOS Children's Village. While they attend high school and train for their future professions, they also have the opportunity of acquiring different skills that might be helpful in their future career and life. Our youngsters take courses in foreign languages, sewing, computers, and, in some cases, they attend art and music workshops. We also encourage our youngsters to take up sports, so in the past seven years we had footballers, swimmers, judo wrestlers, riders and dancers.

SOS Children's Village CroatiaOur work is primarily focused on helping youngsters gain complete self-reliance, based on principles and guidelines that were first applied in SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci, as outlined in the CV Manual, Youth Care Policy and individual development plans. On this rocky road to adulthood, our youngsters have the help and support of six people – YF director, four counselors and the professional cook. We provide care to our youngsters 24 hours a day and in all areas of their life, from their daily routine, health and diet to studying, worries and problems. They can always come to us for advice, support, comfort and other forms of help.

Once they graduate from high school, more ambitious youngsters can continue their education in institutions of higher learning. We currently have five college students in our Facility. Other youngsters have the option of transferring to our semi-independent housing program, where they receive further guidance and material and advisory support for up to three years, in accordance with their needs. The requirements for entry into this program are high school diploma, being of age and having a job. We consider it the next step on their way to complete independence. Once they start living on their own, youngsters automatically become part of our follow-up program.

Youth facility Osijek 1

Youth Facility Osijek 1 is one of the four youth facilities that are active in the Association SOS Children's Village Croatia.

SOS Children's Village CroatiaIt is situated in Drniška ulica in Osijek, and together with the Youth Facility in Wilsonova ulica, also in Osijek. It’s the logical next step in the life of children who completed their elementary education in Ladimirevci.

Youth Facility Osijek I is the youngest YF in Croatia. It began working in 2004. The house in which the youngsters live has been constructed with the funds donated by football player Zvonimir Boban, from the proceeds of his farewell match.

We currently have 16 youngsters living in our Youth Facility, which means our house is filled to capacity. They are looked after by four counselors and the YF director.

During their transfer from Children's Village to YF, children undergo an orientation program to adjust to the new environment. After that, individual development plans are made, reflecting knowledge, abilities and potential of each youngster. With strong support that counselors provide for youngsters in areas of schooling, socialization, acquiring life skills, developing positive attitude towards work and job search, we bring our youngsters closer to the realization of the ultimate goal, which is to help youngsters become accomplished, independent and self-reliant. Youngsters can rely on their counselors and turn to them for advice and understanding. Youth counselors cooperate and consult each other, YF director, SOS mother, expert team and the Village director on all pedagogical and psychological matters. Thanks to on-the-job training programs, they regularly learn new skills and methods of work. We believe in the importance of developing our youngsters’ ability to integrate into the community, so we begin familiarizing them with the city as soon as they arrive in Osijek. We also encourage going to the movies, theatre and sporting events, as well as joining sporting, social and cultural societies that are available in the local community. Our youngsters fill their free time with many different activities, such as football, volleyball, swimming, fitness, dancing, music and foreign language courses. Some are already accomplished athletes, but all of them agree that the best thing about moving to YF is making new friends and opening new vistas.

If you are interested in finding our more about SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci and giving us your help and support, don’t hesitate to ask. We will be happy to answer all of your questions. Friends of the SOS Children's Village also play an important role in the lives of our children.


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