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Since the first day of our work, SOS Children's Village Croatia takes care of children without parents or parental care, regardless of their racial, ethnic or religious affiliation, giving them love, security and a loving home. We invite everyone to invest with us in the growth and development of the children, you can donate online, via postal money order or by call to our Humanitarian phone.

SOS Children's Village Croatia is obliged to protect personal data of donors; we need only the necessary, basic information about donors to carry out the transaction.

SOS Children's Village Croatia is obliged to spend donated funds exclusively for the achievement of goals, a refund once donated funds are not possible.

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According to the applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia, donations from natural persons are not subjected to taxation. Corporate donations are not subjected to Profit tax if the amount of the donation is less than 2% of the company's revenues in the previous year, while the Value added tax act stipulates the tax-exempt of corporate money donations.
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