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SOS Children's Village Lekenik

Halfway between Zagreb and Sisak, between river Sava in the east and rolling hills of Vukomeričke gorice in the west, lies the picturesque village of Lekenik, where the first Croatian SOS Children’s Village was built.

SOS Children's Village CroatiaGood location, necessary infrastructure, the hospitability of the local community and their willingness to share their lives with almost a hundred children were decisive factors in choosing this site. The foundation stone for SOS Children’s Village Lekenik was laid on September 10, 1992. It took only four months to complete fifteen family houses and get them ready for the children. The Village also has ancillary facilities and children’s playground.

The construction, equipment and furnishings of this SOS Kinderdorf International project were financed by the foundation Hermann-Gmeiner-Fonds Deutschland e.V. from Munich, with money given by numerous donors and friends of SOS Children's Villages. The names of the most generous benefactors are inscribed on marble plaques on the front of each house.

SOS Children's Village CroatiaThe first little residents of the houses and their SOS mothers came to Lekenik in early 1993. As soon as life in the Village settled down and the number of children increased, the opening ceremony was held. The Village was formally opened on October 8, 1993, and this date later became the official SOS Children's Village Lekenik Day. Today, SOS Children's Village Lekenik can accommodate approximately hundred children. Daily care of the children rests in the capable hands of 15 SOS mothers in 16 SOS houses, who can count on the help of SOS aunts, Village director, pedagogical assistant, psychologist and two Village handymen. Our large and close-knit SOS family shares the same responsibilities and joys as any other family.

SOS Hermann Gmeiner Social
Center in SOS Children's Village Lekenik

SOS Hermann Gmeiner Social Center has been founded with the purpose of offering children a safe and comfortable place for their educational, creative and social development. It has been in operation since January 2007.

SOS Children's Village CroatiaThe center uses all the up-to-date pedagogical methods in its work. We have pedagogical, psychological, social and other experts working directly with our children.

Social Center offers many different programs to children, from library, computer and Internet workshop, to sports activities (football, taekwondo and chess) and different games for creative use of free time.

Our artistically inclined children can make use of creative workshops such as hobby art and art workshops, where children can try their hand at pottery making, painting on silk, puppet making, and painting. Our drama group prepares at least two shows annually, performing both in the Center and in other towns in Croatia. Children in our music workshop can learn to play different instruments (guitar, drums, keyboards), and several of them have even started a rock band called "Ear Destroyers".

SOS Children's Village CroatiaRecently we started the increasingly popular Debate Club, where children learn to talk, debate and express their opinions on hot issues in a civilized manner.

A group of our children has a weekly one-hour show on RTL Radio Lekenik. They both write and present the show.

We also offer educational programs. Our computer workshops always attract a lot of members who spend their free time on computers studying, playing games and surfing the Internet. We also provide tuition in math, physics, English and German, as well as other school subjects, to help children who have trouble mastering the school curriculum on their own.

SOS Children's Village CroatiaA new workshop, simply called Playroom, has been designed primarily for children who attend the first four grades of elementary school. Children spend their time in the Playroom doing their homework, studying, drawing and playing. The Playroom has a special unit called Eco-Patrol, who keep our surroundings clean and tidy, collect garbage, plastic bottles and old newspapers, and plant flowers and other greenery.

We also introduced a new workshop called Home Economics, where children learn how to cook various dishes, make preserves, bake pancakes and cakes and do all kinds of handicrafts (sewing, needlework, embroidery, crocheting etc.)

Our children regularly visit cultural and sporting events in Zagreb and Sisak. They enjoy going to the movies, theatre, football matches and other sports competitions.

The Social Center is open all day (including weekends) so all children – depending on their school obligations – have the opportunity of taking part in various activities. In time they learn how to pick and choose those that reflect their interests the best.


Tuesday, 23.06.2020

International Day of SOS Children's Villages

Today would have been Hermann Gmeiner’s 101st birthday! To mark the occasion, SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci celebrated the International Day of SOS Children's Villages.

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Monday, 01.06.2020

SOS representatives are active again

After a prolonged break caused by coronavirus, our SOS representatives are back at work.

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Monday, 25.05.2020

SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci celebrates its 23rd anniversary

At first it seemed that this anniversary would take place not only without friends, but also without a celebration. But then Lada and Miro, CV residents who always participate in special events, had a great idea…

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