We aim for a strong future generation

We want children to grow up in a loving home so they can unlock their full potential and shape their lives and communities.

Therefore we work to prevent family separation and to increase the options of children, who cannot stay with their parents temporarily or for a longer time. We are striving to find the right solution for every child, since there is no one-fits-all recipe.

The work of SOS Children´s Villages focuses on three main target groups:

– families at risk of separation

– children, who have lost parental care

– young people preparing for independent life

To reach the best outcome for children, families and communities, we team up with corporate partners and other NGOs as well as local, regional and national government authorities.

We support young people in their education and training on their way to employment and a better future for themselves and their families. We tell children and young people about their rights and encourage them to speak up for themselves – with our support.

This is our contribution to a better future.
You can be part of this future by supporting children, families and young people.




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