Family Strengthening

Many families struggle with economic hardship, lack of education and often poverty is inherited and continues over generations. It´s important to break this vicious circle.
We firmly believe that children should grow up in a family-like setting and ideally in their family of origin. Therefore our work starts with prevention -we want to keep families together, so children can stay in their home and with their parents.

Alternative Care

If children cannot stay with their parents, we work to offer them the alternative care solution that fits their needs.
The range of solutions reaches from short-term care to different kinds of SOS Family Care, which offers children a new home with siblings and a mother or couple taking care of them.

Keeping children safe – mission and task

It is our mission and commitment to provide children a loving home. We adhere to the UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child as a standard and are part of the Keeping Children Safe alliance. SOS Children´s Villages adopted a Child Protection Policy, a Code of Conduct for employees, partners and guests and regulations regarding the protection of data and privacy of children to make sure they grow up in a secure and protected environment. 

The highest standards for selection, recruitment and education of co-workers are in place. There are Child Safeguarding Focal Points in every country and every region, which ensures immediate actions in line with the national legislation and international standards. We report, respond and cooperate with local investigation authorities on the slightest suspicion of a violation of these regulations.

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